• Need to manage you branches?
  • Need to quick product handling?
  • Need a bulk reach to all your customers?
  • Need to set out standing offers?
  • Need to have fun?

Matajer understands the changing needs of both the shop owners and their customers along with focusing on reaching out through the most comfortable means of technology. This is why we made a comprehensive plan for markets and shops aided by the most flexible user experience in order to guarantee you the best service the way you can imagine.



  • Need to be well organized?
  • Need to manage your properties?
  • Need to go pro in your financials?
  • Need to be well notified?
  • Need to have fun?

Managing, mentoring, archiving and following all your properties business is exactly what our product is providing for you. You will be able to generate administrative and financial reports by one click, send and receive notification messages to keep you up to date and fully aware about your payments. From now on, you shouldn’t worry about your revenues reports, payments following up, creating contracts and managing your employees; “Baseet” does it all.

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Nana Market

  • Need to order fast?
  • Need to choose smart?
  • Need not to forget to buy?
  • Need to set buying plans?
  • Need to have fun?

Nana Market's service is provided through a web and a smartphone app, available on iOS and Android platforms. Initially Nana Market deliverymen simply went to a store and purchased the ordered items at retail and add the delivery charge to the order. As the business will develop, Nana will established relationships with grocery firms which share their (store) existing markup, allowing Nana users to shop at in-store prices.

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